Becoming A New Client?

**Please read the following guide before proceed**

Currently, MaryLou is currently not accepting new clients for both, in-person and on-line appointment.

However, if you would like to wait for MaryLou you are welcome to add your child's name to the waitlist first and complete the intake form while waiting. This way, we can provide a smooth intake process and MaryLou can be fully ready to prepare for your child's initial session.  

  • Please DO NOT BOOK your first appointment until you receive a call from us
  • Please note: put child’s name as “client name” in the intake form. Your name can be filled in the “parent / guardian” column during completion.

Please note:

  • After the intake form is reviewed, MaryLou may refer to another professional if your family situation is out of her expertise/scope.
  • We will try our best to give you a call back within 5-10 business days.
  • We always ask the parent/guardian to attend the first session. As parent/guardian, you can decide if you would like a parent-only-session or one that includes the child. Both can be beneficial, depending on your goals.  Sometimes, it is helpful to have an open discussion and climatize the child to MaryLou and the therapy experience, with you being there. On the other hand, if you have extra concerns/issues you want to discuss with MaryLou without the child being present in the office, and hope for parent consultation, you can book a parent-only session. (Please let us know your preferences when we call you back).  

If you are in agreement with the above conditions, and wish to continue, click the link below to add yourself to the waitlist and create your profile in Jane, our booking portal.  

** Please note: put child’s name as “client name.” Your name can be filled in the “parent / guardian” column during completion.

Join The Waiting List


In the case of parental separation or divorce, we require both legal parents to sign consent for a child to begin services. You are only exempt, if you have a parenting order or court document stating that you have full custody, which will need to be forwarded to our office prior to the first appointment.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to MaryLou’s personal assistant, Kanae via email at

***FSCD Client***

If the child or parent/guardian has an existing contract with FSCD (Family Supports for Children with Disabilities), we require a copy of the contract along with the FSCD worker contact information. Please send such documents and info to Kanae at  

Due to the high number of clients requesting services, once an appointment becomes available, we will call the phone number listed on the intake form. If the phone is not answered at that time, we will leave a message with a response time to get back to our office. If we have not heard from you within that timeframe, we will proceed to the next person in line on the waitlist.