From Living Under A Cloud To Walking In Light

Counselling has many proven benefits.

Restore Relationships

Connect with the people who matter most

Change Old Patterns

Be set free from things that hold you back

Experience Joy

Understand and accept your inherent worth

Life can be hard.

But we believe things will get better when you get the right help.

Our psychologists share a passion for families, health, psychology, and healing.  We share the deep conviction that none of us can live fully without the love, support, and safety of key people in our lives.

We are dedicated to share these values with the people of Medicine Hat and surrounding areas. We want to see families transformed through the support and tools of great psychological help. 

We have hope for you and your family. 

Our Partnerships And Certifications

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How Do You Choose the Best Psychologist For You And Your Family?

Selecting a psychologist can be a daunting task.

When selecting a psychologist for your child or family, do your research. Ask around for info. regarding the work and reputation of the available professionals. Try to contact them by phone or email, and ask questions about things that are important to you.

For example, does the psychologist have experience working with adults or children with concerns like yours? What are his or her fees? Do they accept direct billing? What ages or specific issues do they most often treat? Upon a first visit with the psychologist, you or your child should rapidly feel respected, valued, and "heard," and should be able to develop an easy rapport with the psychologist.  By the third session, you should start to see connection, change or movement on your goals.  If you do not, look for another psychologist.  

Life was not meant to live alone.

Don't miss this opportunity to find support through challenges. 

You are worthy of love. Schedule an appointment with a counsellor and find the care you need.

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